Matt Stone


Hi, I’m Matt, I have always had a great passion for animals and their well-being; so in 2015, myself and my other half set up a very small home based rescue, today known as Moonstone Rescue. Our plan was and always has been to work with other organisations to better the lives of animals; domestic, exotics and wild.  I came across BeastWatch just before National Exotics Animal Rescue Service was created and took the opportunity to join a fantastic team of individuals who shared my passion for animals. In time I took over the running of the London response, which at the time was a rather small inactive team.
Fortunately after a great deal of hard work, London now stands alone as the flagship response for the UK and is built up of vets, vet nurses and vets in training, as well as reptile experts and ex RSPCA staff. In 2023, I was asked to take over the role of CEO for National Exotics Animal Rescue Service, to which I agreed; so here starts this new, wonderful journey alongside some rather special people.
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Tracie Williams

Executive Director of Welfare and Organisational Development Strategy.

Tracie is an Executive Director with responsibility for heading the National Exotics Welfare Team as well as overseeing organizational developments.

Tracie has a background in Animal Rescue and is qualified in animal welfare as well as equine science. Tracie was formerly the County Coordinator for Lancashire and our first Director of Operations.

Tracie's passion is wildlife and heads our in house triage team.

In her spare time, you'll catch Tracie down at the stables where Tracie and her Daughter have an ex racehorse and a pony and in typical Tracie style, these guys have issues and required a lot of time, trust building and vet fees.
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Mike Potts

Executive Director of Special Operations

A retired charge nurse who has always had animals in his life being fascinated by bugs, reptiles & amphibians since a child, learning about nature through keeping many wild-caught long-term pets. Mike runs an animal encounter business & shares his home with around forty different species (including humans). Many of the animals he keeps have been rehomed to him or rescued through BeastWatch call-outs. He has been with BeastWatch UK since its early years as a cryptozoology interest group. The study of unknown animals remains a hobby and he was a long-term author & contributor to during the early 1990s, he remains an avid researcher & debater of the big cat phenomena & has an enthusiastic critical interest in all things paranormal.

Mike is a long-time, outspoken critic of the RSPCA & its ethics as an organization, it is his hope that National Exotics will become associated with offering a more positive & inspired response to the crisis facing the exotics-keeping hobby & the pet trade in general.

Chris Mullins

Director and founder of BWUK 

Since my childhood I’ve had a passion for nature and its wildlife, throughout my life, I’ve learned so much, with the help and guidance of others I’m indebted to. I’ve watched badgers and foxes in their natural habitats and studied different species of our native animals, but always felt there was something missing.

Then back in the late 80’s I heard about our British big cats and immediately contacted the local big cat expert in Leicestershire (David Spencer) who has sadly since passed away. He became a fantastic friend and mentor and taught me a great deal about our large British felines. However, despite all I learned and all the reports I read regarding these elusive creatures, I still felt there was something missing.

One day, my attention was brought to the other exotic fauna out there on this green island such as wallabies, raccoons, and eagle owls, the list goes on. So I began collating these varied reports from 2001 right up until 2016 when I met with an owner who had just lost his pet skunk, it was then it hit me I’d been treating all these exotics as just statistics, not thinking they were someone’s lost pet. So thereafter I began to view all reports as lost exotic pets and decided to take a more hands-on approach to these situations and help in trying to find them and get them home safely before any danger befalls them.

Since beginning BeastWatch U.K. Search & Rescue Operation, which is predominantly run by exotic keepers for the benefit of exotic keepers, we’ve seen successes and failures, and although it touches our hearts when we see the gratitude on the owner’s faces when we do succeed.

Chris currently supports the work of the management team & is an important member of our Board as a non–Executive Director

Heather Hodsdon

Foster and Adoptions

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Jodi Latham

Chair of the Advisory Board

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